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Q. 1 Where is the 'World Health Organization' located? Ans. | GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz

Q. 1 Where is the "World Health Organization" located?
Ans. Geneva (Switzerland)

Q. 2 When is "World Environment Day" celebrated every year?
Ans. On 5 June

Q. 3 What is the full form of PSLV?
Ans. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

Q. 4 Which is the tallest tree in the world?
Ans. Redwood

Q.5 Which film won the Oscar award in "Best Film"?
Ans. Parasite

Q.6 was the term of "First Five Year Plan"?
Ans. 1951 to 1956

Q.7 When did demonetisation happen in India?
Ans. 2016

Q.8 Which vitamin helps in establishing "blood clot"?
Ans. Vitamin K

Q.9 What happened in Lahore session of Congress, 1929?
Ans. Full Swaraj was demanded

Q.10 who is the author of the book "The White Tiger"?
Ans. Arvind Adiga