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Important questions related to fundamental rights Q1. The f | GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz

Important questions related to fundamental rights

Q1. The fundamental rights of the constitution
Described in part?
A. Part II
B. Part III
C. Part IV
D. Part VI

Q2. Part III of the Constitution of India is related to -
A. Directive Principles of State Policy
B. From Basic Duties
C. By Fundamental Rights
D. By citizenship

Q3. In which country was the first constitutional recognition of fundamental rights?
A. India
B. United States of America
C. France
D. Britain

Q4. The fundamental rights of Indian citizens are described as-
A. Articles 12 to 35 of the Constitution
B. Articles 13 to 36 of the Constitution
C. Articles 15 to 39 of the Constitution
D. Articles 16 to 40 of the Constitution

Q5. Which part of Indian Constitution has Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar called the most illuminated part?
A. Part I
B. Part II
C. Part III
D. Part IV

Q6. Fundamental rights are called basic, because they -
A. Enforceable by the courts
B. Conforms to the United Nations Human Rights Declaration Form
C. Not Easily Modifiable
D. Human has natural and non-refundable rights.

Q7. In how many articles in Part III of the Indian Constitution, the fundamental rights are described?

Q8. How many fundamental rights were given to Indian citizens by the Indian Constitution?

Q9. At present, how many fundamental rights do Indian citizens have?

Q10. Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India -
A. was part of the original constitution
B. were added by the Fourth Amendment
C. were added by Parliament in 1952
D Were added by the 42nd Amendment