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Important Q&A for all examinations Question 1 - Tulbul proje | GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz

Important Q&A for all examinations

Question 1 - Tulbul project is on which river?
Answer - On Jhelum River

Question 2 - Who was the first Indian Governor General of independent India?
Answer - Chakravarti Rajagopalachari

Question 3 - Headquarters of South Central Railway is located at?
Answer - In Secunderabad

Question 4 - Which right cannot be abolished or limited even in emergency?
Answer - The right to personal liberty and protection of life.

Question 5 - Hwanghao River falls in which sea?
Answer: In the Yellow Sea

Question 6- By which Article of the Constitution, the President is empowered to issue Ordinances?
Answer - By Article 123

Question 7 - Sardar Sarovar Project is related to which state?
Answer - From Gujarat

Question 8 - Was the temporary Chairman of the Constituent Assembly?
Answer - Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha

Question 9 - Bandipur Projects Tiger Reserve is located in which state?
Answer - Karnataka

Question 10 - Who was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court?
Answer - Fatima Bibi