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GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz

டெலிகிராம் சேனலின் சின்னம் general_studies2 — GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz
டெலிகிராம் சேனலின் சின்னம் general_studies2 — GENERAL STUDIES Jkssb exams mcqs quiz
சேனல் முகவரி: @general_studies2
வகைகள்: பொருளாதாரம்
மொழி: தமிழ்
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சமீபத்திய செய்திகள் 3

2021-04-19 14:11:12 Largest producer of crops in India

1. Largest producer of paddy in India
West Bengal

2. Largest producer of wheat in India
Uttar Pradesh

3. Largest producer of sugarcane in India
Uttar Pradesh

4. Largest producer of groundnut in India

5. Largest producer of tea in India

6. Largest producer of bamboo in India

7. Largest producer of jute in India
West Bengal

8. Largest producer of tobacco in India
Andhra Pradesh

9. Largest producer of bananas in India

10. Largest producer of saffron in India
मJammu Kashmir

11. Largest producer of onions in India

12. Largest producer of black pepper in India

13. Largest producer of cotton in India

14. Largest producer of coffee in India
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2021-04-19 02:14:52 General Science important Questions

1. What is commonly known as 'blood cancer'?
- leukemia

2. Which is used in the treatment of cancer
- Chemotherapy

3. 'What stage of malaria parasite is contagious?
- Sporozoite

4. Protein is the result of energy malnutrition
- Marasmus

5. Who discovered Leprosy Bacillus
- Hansen

6. Thalassemia Disease Affects
- Blood

7. Sleepy disease is a carrier of the disease
- setsee fly

8.15. Plasma contains% of water - 90%

9. How many calories are obtained by drinking a glass of water
- Zero

10. An enzyme is a protein

11. Golden rice is the most abundant source of
- Vitamin A

12. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of which vitamin?
- Vitamin A

13. Most protein is found
- Soybean lentils

14. A player is given immediate energy
- Glucose

15. Purification of blood in human body is called
- dialysis
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2021-04-15 09:40:17 Important questions . exam related.

Asia's largest continent - Asia (30% of the world's area)

2 world's smallest continent - Australia

3 World's Largest Ocean - Pacific Ocean

4 World's Smallest Ocean - Arctic Ocean

5 world's deepest ocean - the Pacific Ocean

6 World's Largest Sea - South China Sea

7 The Greatest Gulf of the World - Gulf of Mexico

8 The world's largest island - Greenland

9 World's largest islands - Indonesia

10 World's longest river - Nile river. 6650 km

11 River with the largest drainage area of ​​the world - Amazon River

12) World's largest tributary - Madeira (of Amazon)

13 World's busiest commercial river - Rhine river

6 world's largest river island - Majuli, India

17 World's Largest Country - Russia

The smallest country in the world - Vatican City (44 hectares)

19 country with the most voters in the world - India

Canada with the longest borderline in the world - Canada

21 borderline country in the world - China (13 countries)

22 World's Largest Desert - Sahara (Africa)

23 Asia's largest desert - Gobi

24 world's highest mountain peak - Mount Everest (8848 m)

25 World's Longest Ranges - Andes (South America)

26 World's hottest region - Algeria (Libya)

27 world's coldest place - Vostok Antarctica

32 The world's largest saltwater lake - the Caspian Sea

33 world's largest freshwater lake - Lake Superior

34 Deepest lake in the world - Lake Baikal

35 World's highest altitude lake - Titicaca

36 World's Largest Artificial Lake - Volga Lake

37 World's Largest Delta - Sundarbans Delta

38. World's greatest epic - Mahabharata

39 World's Largest Museum - American Museum of Natural History

40 World's Largest Zoo - Cruiser National Park (S. Africa)

41 Largest bird of the world - Astrich (Ostrich)

42 world's smallest bird - humming bird

43 world's largest mammal - the blue whale

44 World's Largest Temple - Temple of Ankorwat

46 world's highest tower - Qutub Minar

47 The world's largest bell tower - The Great Bell of Moscow

48 World's Largest Statue - Statue of Unity

49. World's largest Hindu temple complex - Akshardham Temple Delhi

50 World's Largest Mosque - Al Hayat, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

51 World's highest mosque - Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo

52 World's highest building - Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

52 World's Largest Church - Vesilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)

53 largest Hindu population of India-India

54. Largest Muslim population of India - Indonesia

55 Dinia's largest Christian (Christian) population - Nicotina Valaci
56 Largest Jewish population of Israel - Israel

57 Dani's greatest Buddhist Abadi-China

58 World's Largest Terrorist Organization-ISIS, Iraq-Syria

59 Most Wanted of Saudi Arabia - Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi (King of IS)

60 Dania's biggest donor-Bill Gates

61Most powerful person of India - Barack Obama

62 world's longest railway platform - Kazakhstan

63 world's largest railway station - Grand Central Terminal New York

64 Busiest Airport in the World - Chicago - International Airport

65 world's largest airport - King Khalid Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

66 World's Largest Port - Uzbekistan

67 World's Longest Dam - Hirakud Dam Orissa

68 world's highest dam - Regunsky (Tajikistan)

69 world's highest road - Leh Manali Marg

70 world's largest road bridge - Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna

65 world's highest volcano - Mount Katopaxi

66. Highest Employed Department in the World - Indian Railways

67. Highest cricket ground in the world - Chail Himachal Pradesh

68 World's Largest Library - Library of Congress London

69 World's Largest Museum - British Museum London

70 world's largest executive building - the stomach
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2021-04-15 09:40:12 IMPORTANT questions

Question 1- Who sent his son and daughter to Sri Lanka for propagation and propagation of Buddhism.

Answer - Ashok.

Question 2- The economies composed by Kautilya are divided into how many agencies.

Answer - 15

Question 3- Ashoka's inscription has been found at some place other than India.

Answer - Afghanistan.

Q4- In which inscription Ashoka declared, all human beings are my children.

Answer - In the first separate inscription.

Q5- From which place was the stone used for Ashoka's inscription?

Answer - From Chunar.

Question 6- In which month did the fiscal year of Mauritio begin.

Answer - Ashadh (July).

Question 7- In which Jain texts, there is a mention of Chandragupta Maurya's adoption of Jainism.

Answer - In Appendix Feast.

Question 8- Chandragupta Maurya clashed with which Greek ruler.

Answer - From Selucus.

Q9- What did Ariane name Chandragupta Maurya?

Answer - Sandrocotes.

Question 10- In which book, the word totalless was used for Chandragupta Maurya.

Answer - Mudrarakshas.

Question 11- In which book, attacks of Southern India are found.

Answer - Tamil treatise 'Ahananur'.

Question 12- When did Chandragupta Maurya die.

Answer - 297 BC .

Question 13- In which university was Chanakya a teacher.

Answer - In Taxila University.

Question 14- Who got the rule after Chandragupta.

Answer - Bindusar.

Question 15- Bindusara was a follower of which sect.

Answer: Aajeevak sect.

Question 16- Which Vidhan Bindusar was declared the winner of 16 states.

Answer - Taranath.

Question 17- When did Ashok sit on the throne of Magadha.

Answer - 269 BC .

Question 18- What was the name of Ashoka's mother.

Answer - Shubhadrangi.

Question 19- Who first introduced the inscription in India.

Answer - Ashok.

Question 20- Which source describes the administration of Pataliputra.

Answer - Indica.

Question 21- Who was defeated by the British in the Battle of Vandiwash in 1760 AD.

Answer - French.

Question 22- When was the wall of Germany built.

Answer - 1961.

Question 23- In which year did the Soviet Union become Russia.

Answer - 1991.

Question 24- Which country ruled East Timor.

Answer - Indonesia.

Question 25- There was a Red Revolution in China.

Answer - 1949.

Question 26- When did the Berlin Wall fall.

Answer - 9 November 1985.

Question 27- When was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima city of Japan.

Answer: August 6, 1945.

Question 28- When did the Portuguese sailor Bartholomio discover Uttamaasha Antripe.

Answer - 1486.

Question 29- When did the Portuguese establish their first fortress in Cochin?

Answer - 1503 AD; In.

Question 30- Silver coins issued by the Gupta rulers were called.

Answer - Metaphor.

Question 31- Who was the leading scholar of medicine in the Gupta era.

Answer - Text.

Question 32- Which ruler named his name Shiladitya.

Answer - Harsh Vardhan.

Question 33- The most important means of knowing the history of the period of Samudragupta.

Answer - Inscription on Allahabad Pillar.

Question 34- Chandragupta was the most famous of the Navratnas in the court of Vikramaditya.

Answer - Kalidas.

Question 35- In which period the number of females was equal to males.

Answer - In the occult.

Question 36- Who was the leading scholar of medicine in the Gupta era.

Answer - Vagbhatta.

Question 37- What was the main feature of the Gupta economic condition.

Answer - Promotion of industries and agriculture.

Question 38- When did Chandragupta II assumed the title of Vikramaditya.

Answer - After elimination of the powers.

Question 39- Chandragupta was the Prime Minister of Maurya.

Answer - Kautilya.

Question 40- Charaka and Nagarjuna were the court of whose court.

Answer - Chandragupta Maurya.
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2021-04-14 13:53:59 First in India

1. India's first nuclear reactor
Answer: Apsara

2. India's first nuclear submarine
Answer: I.N.s. wheel

3. India's first submarine
Answer: I.N. s. Cauvery

4. India's first aircraft carrier
Answer: I.N. s. Vikrant

5. India's first medium-range missile
Answer: Agni

6. India's first missile
Answer: Earth

7. First Molecular Center of India
Answer: Tarapur

8. First First University of India
Answer: Nalanda University

9. India's first open university
Answer - Andhra Pradesh Open University

10. First Asian Games organized
Answer: Delhi in 1951 AD

11. First Doordarshan Center of India
Answer: New Delhi

12. For the first time in the country telecast of color programs in Doordarshan
Answer: 15 August 1982

13. First Silent Film
Answer - King Harishchandra (Producer Phalke-1912)

14. First Speaking Film
Answer - Alam Ara (Ardeshir Irani-1931)

15. India's first Technicolor film
Answer: Queen of Jhansi

16. India's first 3-D film
Answer: My Dear Kutti Chatan

17. India's first newspaper
Answer: Bengal Gazette (1780)

18. First Women's Employment Office
Answer: Jaipur
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2021-04-13 16:39:05 General science questions

Q. Where is the largest reflecting telescope in Asia?
- Kavalur

Q. Who invented optical fiber?
- Narinder Kapani

Q. What is the unit of measurement?
- Current
Q. Which is used to divide white light into different colors?
- Prism

Q. The reason why the swimming pool looks darker than the actual depth is because of this?
- of full internal reflection of light

Q. What is lens made of?
- Flit glass

Q. Being 'Marichika' is an example?
- of full internal reflection of light

Q. In the summer, due to which phenomenon does Marichika appear?
- Complete internal reflection of light

Q. What type of mirror is used in front lights (head lights) of vehicles?
- parabolic mirror

Q. What are the types of mirrors used in headlamps of cars?
- Parabolic concave

Q. Who first measured the velocity of light?
- Roemer

Q. Are glasses used to watch 3D movies?
- Polarized

Q. What physical amount is obtained by the ratio of momentum and velocity of a substance?
- mass

Q. On whose principle does the rocket work?
- Emotion Protection

Q. Who propounded the universal law of gravity?
- Newton

Q. is Pascal unit?
- of pressure

Q. What is measured by cusec?
- Flow of water

Q. Which one is most elastic?
- Steel

Q. Which is the force due to which the body moves towards the center of the earth?
- Gravity

Q. How much of the Earth's gravity is closest to the Moon's gravity?
- 1/6

Q. What is the law of Archimedes related to?
- Rule of Flotation

Q. is a unit of viscosity?
- Poise

Q. What strength does it take to extract cream from milk?
-- centrifugal force

Q. What energy is there in a key clock?
- Potential energy

Q. Sun's energy is produced?
- by nuclear fusion

Q. What causes clouds to float in the atmosphere?
- Density
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